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An annoying, persistent, self obsessed, mosquito like creature of hateful misery who forces himself upon humanity and has no apparent redeeming features. Constantly tries to make himself the big man but only makes himself look like a colossal dick while 'dancing' like he is having an epileptic fit, when confronted about any of his numerous shortcomings he then tries to defend himself by making up more fanciful tales and only succeeds in making himself look like an even bigger prick. Also has absolutely no idea how to speak properly and believes he is the king of any town he steps into.
Apichat: I got with this well fit chick last night and got her number!

Victim of Apichat: You only got with her because her mate who you wanted called you an arrogant cunt and came home with me!

Apichat: Yeah! But nah! All part of the plan bruv, all part of the plan!
by KingCobra1792 May 10, 2012