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'Any guy man' can mean a host of different things. First coined by members from a range of South-West London ganges, such LMD, IBAB, AK47 and Lampton Massive in the early 2000's, it is rumoured that it was first used in class to insult the recent decision of a teacher to send a gang member out of the classroom. It is often used to comment on someone else, see examples for better understanding.
Teacher: Mohand leave the classroom
Mohand: Tttttttuuu any guy man


Omar: Abdula give me the ball
Abdula: No
Omar: Any guy man


Billy: I got expelled yesterday
Omar: Any guy man, what's wrong with you ! ?


Mubarak: Coming out tonight?
Wasim: Nah man can't, im grounded
Mubarak: Any guy man !
by Mr Dalaki February 28, 2011
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