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Well the simple definition to this coplex word is when a person is being "silly" or "retarded" or a "carli" or mainly a "michael". An Anus Cucumber can really be anyone. Anyone who is willing to take their best friends phone and take a picture of their ass. I myself am an Anus Cucumber. Proud of it. Now be sure not to mispell this fine phrase by doing this "What an Anis Cucumequre" or something of that nature... So go ahead! Take your best friends phone! She dont need it! Feel free to use this term when need to! I mean an anus cucmber is the friggen best way to tell your lover " You are one sexxxxy beast" Spice this phrase over anything you say! You wanna be cool...just say it...everyone else is doing it..comeon you`ll like the way way it makes you feel.

Note:Never look at picture of an anus through Google Image...
Gosh Michael! You are such an Anus Cucumber!!!
Mr.Justin Hagerman is an Anus cucumber!!!
by Jesseanne April 17, 2007
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