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A girl that has everything goin on for her. She is the most breath taking girl to have ever have lived in the known universe...that you never want even blink to miss a second of her. She has the most beautiful Brown eyes that you never want to look away from and black hair that is pretty long but soo gorgeous... plus the most beautiful smile ever that is soo contagious and can make any rainy day turn out brighter, you cant but stare and smile back at her:) She not only is helpful but she is genuinely caring about everyone. Creative, good taste, intelligent, incredibly funny, selfless, secretive (so secretive..kind of like a valt..she could be a secret agent how secretive she can be and sometimes to secretive that it drives you crazy haha), an amazing listener, a true friend, stubborn, Witty, she gets along with most people, girls want to be her and all guys want her, did I say already how gorgeous she is :). She isn't just beautiful on the outside but she is even more beautiful inside :) Her favorite color is red. She is loyal and Lovable. She is a kind of girl that always gives u butterfly's :) she is kind of a girl that you want to show off her amazingness!! to break it down she is straight up amazing!!
Damnnn did u see that Anum over there she got it goin on!!

by ItalIan September 17, 2013
A person that wins great admiration and esteem of peers. The person is humorous, very good looking, very good at attracting the attention of males, kind natured and loved by all. She's hot, beautiful and sexy. Possesses all the qualities that any other girl would long for.
Damn girl! you're such an anum
by senorita245 April 25, 2010
a super tall person. Anums tend to be supremely funny. They have the qualities of a giraffe. a anum can get violent, if gotten on her bad side. But, will not cause much damage as an anum is a skinny person.
" wow, she is soo skinny! i think she's an anum!"
" don't worry she's an anum she can't hurt you."
" wow, she is soo skinny! i think she's an anum!"
" don't worry she's an anum she can't hurt you."
by kharablu January 26, 2009
kleptomaniac that gets off from stealing staplers and anal virginities. Also denies that she was a jew in a past life.
Anum, why have you got that banana? *Anum NOOOOOOOO STOP*
by Susanalbumparty November 09, 2014
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