The act where people buy what they think is a valuable antique, find out it is worthless, then try to make it look valuable, usually involving copper and stain.
I went to the antique shop yesterday and bought this old looking dresser. I found out it was worthless so I was antweaking it with stain and sold it for $60.
by I heart chocolate flakes! February 28, 2009
Top Definition
--Verb (present progressive)--

The act of taking contemporary photos (digital or scanned film) and tweaking them with post-processing to appear old, aged, vintage or antique.

Adherents to this practice: "antweakers"

May also spelled: antwiquing.
"Dude, I didn't know iPods were around in the 1890s!"

"Bro, they probably weren't. Like, dig the texture and the siiiick gaussian blur along the trim. Somebody's been antweaking that shit."
by Uncle_Bumpy February 09, 2010
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