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n. One who openly opposes the Tea party, secession from The United States, dismantling the government, eliminating laws, regulations, etc. See also a. Antidisestablismentarianism, the practice of such thinking.
Helen, a big antidisestablishmentarianist, is always getting chided by Tea Party activists.
by herikane5 January 01, 2014
A really fucking long word that nobody can use in a sentence. You only really use it to sound smart.
Jimbo is an antidisestablishmentarianist.
by cyberpsycho1337 November 28, 2008
the most useless word in the English language... good for one line in iambic pentameter though ^_^
is the one who will never be missed... etc.
by Krysta is Mizu April 11, 2008
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