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An Anticancel is a person that talks and talks a lot without adding anything to the conversation. In forums, these people have exceptionally high post counts and tend to be loathed by the rest of the community.
1 "Hey I just got a new bike"
2 "Cool, is it nice?"
3 "I have a bicycle."
1 "Its meh. Seriously hard to steer."
3 "I haven't ridden on my bike for 3 years."
2 "Was your bike cheap by any chance? I've known someone who suffered the same, and his bike was cheap"
3 "My bike is expensive."
1 "I don't know if the bike was expensive, it was a birthday present. My parents didn't tell me. :S"
3 "My parents don't like me."
4 "Stfu n00b Anticancel."
by Emperor_Jackal February 19, 2009
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