Anti-Prep is a person that stnads up for their own means. They don't have to take any shit from the jocks, gear heads or anyone for that matter. They are considered a rebel for everything that they do and everything that they can come up with in their own little world. No on can understand them. Not even if they tried or wanted to. Not many people want to be like them for that fact.
Most outcasts are anti-prep and should be!
by blacks_jack March 24, 2004
the real definition, as there has been somewhat of a war going on between preps and goths/punks
somone who dislikes the "prep" fashion(abercrombie,gap,american eagle, etc.)
and prefers to wear darker colors. while somewhat unoriginal, they like what they wear, and they have a right to form cliques of their own, as their preffered style of dress has kept them out of many others. more often than not, when questioned they will tell you that the way they dress reflects their state of mind or kind of music they listen to.
alice was a self proclaimed "anti-prep", wearing all black and stayind away from those who shun her
by pink seatbelts August 26, 2003
Okay, anti-preps hate the preps because theyre in their little group and their snobby and theyre all teh same right? HeLlO! Anti-preps are in THEIR little group and THEY all look the same with their little AntiCrombie shirts and stuff, and EVEN more obvious is that they are obviously snobby because they HATE preps for no apparent reason! Maybe a prep was rude to you once..get over it! Anti-Preps think theyre mature and better than the little cliques because they do what they want to do , well reality check most ALL people do what they wanna do as for the preps, they WANT to dress that way, the goths also. The Anti-Preps are a sad little group of social rejects who want people to think they WANT to be this way when really theyre like this because no one likes them! But HEY ANTIPREPS--keep thinkin that your cool because you 'live your life the way you want to' obviously your the only people in the WHOLE world that do that...riiight!
Anti-Prep::i hate preps, they are so rich and dress so good and have SO many friends! Man if they would be friends with me i wouldnt have to act like such a *LOSER* i pretend i dont like them when really i wish i WAS them!
by Cierra Wallace May 10, 2005
depressed losers who are totally oblivious to the fact that they can never become one with the "in-crowd". And try to make up some shitty excuse like "i am an individualist" because you are not pretty. Suck it up bitches. And in fact not all preps are stupid, bitchy, snobby. Me and my friends are cool to everyone we meat. We only judge after someone judges up. And actually there are a lot of people who are intelligent, pretty, athletic, and preppy. Most of my friends yall just need to get a life and stop being bitches to us just because you don't fit in with the preps and you have a awful high school experience. It's not our fault kids, its you parents.
people who are totally creative when it comes to making up a name for a hate club...good job guys, keep it up. Oh, oh, and yea...get lifes...fags. And as they say in some movie "Don't hate us because we are beautiful and have all around better lives then you...oh and hotter boyfriends."
by anonymous May 08, 2005
A bulshit group of people who one day decide that the cheerleaders and "dumb" jocks are "losers" and "pop-culture brainwashed". To fight conformity, they go out and conform to being non-conformists (confusing, eh?). They shop at hot topic or thrift stores with their fellow anti-preps, go to coffee shops compulsively, are shockingly corpse-like, entertain the idea of how wonderful it would be if the jocks are unemplayed and the cheerleader gets pregnant at sixteen when they have spare time. They love the idea that they are revolutionaries like Che, who if alive wouldn't give a flying shit about them. They can be recognized by the trait of gender ambiguity, atrocious atempts at poetry, bad drawings, bad music, etc. Also, if you see one with a slight build, long flowing hair, and tight jeans, it's a guy.
Anti-Prep 1: Oh, fuck it, the jocks are stopping by the coffee shop after school. Why the fuck would they come here?
Anti-Prp 2: Umm, is that a backpack one of them's got?
Worker: I bet they're sedying. Cafeine, y'know...
Anti preps (together): NO WAY! THEY'RE RETARDS!
by wrestlingfreak February 20, 2006
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