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A person or a situation that is lame. It is a person who will kill your buzz at a party, or annoy the shit out of you at any given moment. It can also just be a loser that you would not wanna hangout with ever! It can be used to describe a situation that you would rather do anything to get out of. Antignar=Lame!
No fuck (insert name here), lets not invite him to the party! He'll just end up being an antignar and killing everyone's buzz!
by B-Rad Fox November 22, 2009
Something that is not cool at all. It can also be a person who is not cool, such as a tool. Substitution for loser, tool, fag, ass hole, etc.
If you're hanging out having fun and one person starts bitching or is silent and anti social the whole time they are an Anti-Gnar. If you're at a party and someone brings a bottle of vodka to a party and doesn't share or even pay to get into the party in the first place they are an Anti-Gnar.
If you see a picture online of a kid who thinks he's a G and he is holding up a bunch of $1 bills like he's a Mac he is an Anti-Gnar.

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