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Like totally the best person in the world. So kawaii too. Hater's gon hate. Especially the Hunched ones who only play league for a living.
Omfg did you see Anthien yesterday? He's so kawaii.
by Bad Company December 24, 2012
Hands down, a person who is like SUPER GOOD at kendama. THE BEST. SO GOOD, he'll break his own leg for it.
Omg. Did you see Anthien's sextuplet lunar flips?
by Thee Best January 05, 2013
A very beautiful being. So beautiful that mother nature gifted it such a unique name. Whilst he is so beautiful, he is never conceited. He always puts you first, even if you look like Precious. His beautiful smile will always make you smile. Even if your parents were just murdered, his smile will wipe the tears off your very face. His very presence will make an ex-con tuck in his dick and wear lipstick to help children in need.
Were you there when Anthien walked into the room yesterday? It was like the second coming of Jesus.
by Jay Z Hen. December 24, 2012
An asian individual of Vietnamese nationality that has a small penis. Individuals of this subspecies also attempt to dress swagviciously but fail miserably.
Dude, have you seen that Anthien? He tried to hook up with that girl the other night but his penis was so small.
by Jaylio December 24, 2012
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