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A native subspecies of meta-human that inhabits the northwestern-most point on Antarctica. Antarctigons typically use walruses for their primary mode of transportation; however, it is a known fact that they harvest baby beluga whales specifically to travel undersea to the ancient city of Antarctigonia.

Once considered the mightiest of all meta-humans (although Atlanteans tend to highly disagree), an unfortunate accident caused scientist Flargalad Beenstrayazisman to be bitten by a radioactive spider and sparked a de-evolution which spread through the rest of the population, forcing the Antarctigonians to migrate to the surface.
"I can hold my breath for 1 hour; I think it's because of the blood from my ancestors, the Antarctigons."
#antarctigonia #antarctigon #antarctica #beluga #walrus
by Scott Ward October 09, 2007
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