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something that is unbelievably hip or cool or unable to reproduce because of its sheer awesomeness
Did you see that guy jump the grand canyon? That was soooooo anshu
by Anshu April 29, 2008
n. Used to describe someone (usually a man) as inescapably physically attractive to the opposite sex
Wow, that guy was such an Anshu
by AC in WA November 09, 2006
A person of exemplary charm. His/Her presence is felt when he/she enters the 50 yard circle you are in.
Im so anshu that when i entered the cinema , the audience thought i was the actress.
by ravnit October 19, 2014
Used to describe an awesome woman who is inescapably physically attractive to the opposite sex.
OMG! She's is an Anshu.
by akank February 04, 2010
a 5 foot smurf hu has an enormous chin and gets angry all the time
look its an anshu ! RUN!!!
by grizzy vagina February 25, 2010

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