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beautiful inside and out,urban,independent,intelligent girl. Has big black hair and big brown eyes.Usually filthy rich and has everything they could ask for in this world. has nice boobs and a nice booty.Has a nice body but doesn't care what she eats. Easily makes many new friends tends to be a very good and loyal friend.Has your back no matter what.She will take your breath away with out trying.Super sexy.Is a freak.Her looks are everything.Always knows what to say.Loves to make jokes and instant source of laugh.Has witty smart ass comments.Great at sports and anything she does.Unique.Amazing girl, that you should never let go, can take her home.Don't get on her bad side because she has no filter and takes no shit. A bad-ass.This person is just so happy and the greatest person you will meet.Basically the best person in the world.That person everyone needs in there life.
"Anoa's so pretty, it's intimidating."
"She's a really good person... I dream to be her.She's so rad"
"Where is Anoa when I need her !"
"Damn, Anoa goes hard. Did you hear what she said"
"I love Anoa she's just so weird and crazy and weird."

Guy 1: "Wow she is finnneee. Her name has to be Anoa"
Guy 2: "Your probably right"

"Damn her name must be Anoa"
by RolliePollieOllies December 21, 2013
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