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An abbreviation of the words I know,
Person 1: Well that's good then isn't it.

Person 2: Ano.
by turtle of the west (midlands) October 05, 2008
37 29
Abbreviation for anorexic or extremely skinny. Antonym for obo.
"Ew she's totally ano," Leah said to her friend of the walking toothpick who just so happened to be shoving her fingers down her throat.
by thehottone June 07, 2005
101 70
means what in tagalog / filipino

what is this?

ano ito?
by ejiahaddict October 17, 2008
30 24
The term 'Anos' derives from the acronym 'any need or special', and is used to express animosity towards an

unnecessary action or sequence of events, which can be directed at both conscious personnel and natural occurrences.
Example 1:

Matt: Sorry i forgot to sign the lecture register for you
Rob: Anos

Example 2:

Rob: Looks like cricket will be off today lads, its chucking it down with rain
Nath: Anos
by B.o.Bfather November 24, 2011
6 1
the spanish word for anus.
spanish, "yo tengo quince anos."
english translation, "i have fifteen anuses."
by pooopypants August 23, 2006
31 28
Most probably an abbreviation for the phrase 'I know' used by Harvz and most english lads
Still not confirmed.
"Ano i'm messing honest"

"Ano they do"
by seaswinger December 17, 2013
0 0
An relativly large ammount of an illegal substance.
Yo bro, im gettin an O of that tryin to cop some of that shit?
by Unknown Nigga SWP September 28, 2006
17 17