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Almost like an STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease), but instead an awful mental illness causing the recipient to constantly act annoying, stupid, and often to be shunned by others socially.

Annoyneria affects many teens today and there is no cure, besides imidiate extermination of the culpurates.
1) The Actor who played Juror 8 In "12 Angry Jurors" at SHS has a serious case of Annoyneria

2) Any Annoying Teen Or Adult most likely is infected with Annoyneria

3) Miley Cyrus
4) "Royals" by Lorde causes annoyneria and/or bleeding of the earlobes if too much exposure

5) Any song by Justin Bieber or Robin Thicke can be lethal and/or give one Annoyneria
by President Of "JMVMom Fan Club" November 24, 2013