Usually a beautiful brown-eyed girl who is constantly in thought, always worrying, and always doing something wrong. She has both inner beauty and outter. She is very intelligent and taken for granted and used all the time. She's friendly all the time, like a hyper anime girl, but is put down for being different. She searches for love, but it never works out. She's truly a hesitant and shy girl. She gets by in life with great friends, but her friends are her weakness. If you know of an 'Annastasia' becomes friends with her she'll be a real sweet heart more than you know.
1-Wow that girl's really weird!
2-She talks a lot, but she's shy around me!
3-Oh I know Annastasia she's really nice
2-I'm gonna go say hi
by Alwaythere4u July 07, 2010

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