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amazing. if you want a smoke ride when youre in annapolis, you go to davidsonville or bay ridge. if youre into the booze, well youre going to robinwood or probably your parents who love to buy you and your friends alcohol. if its up the nostril, you know plenty of kids from st marys who will oblige. always shroom in quiet waters park. always go to crown for the freshest blunts. two dollars says you drive an explorer or a jeep cherokee. lax RULES, even if you quit in high school. lowrys gas sales on sunday and wednesday. you play the lottery for beer money but when you lose youre like FUCK mom can i have 20$? its life.
braaaa.....lets go to robinwood to get some cheap vodka...
no man, lets just go to severna park to steal some of theirs
oh yea, good call. is (whoever) from st marys gonna be there? i want to blow. are we still in annapolis?
yea man, lets go to the atm so you can take out money.
na, we can just go home and get some cash from my mom.
oh good call. we can get some free dinner too. AWESOME!!!
by John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith October 29, 2005
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Capital of Maryland. Has many cool attributes despite most of its inhabitants. Many of the people are move ins who have decided that the city should be the model for Stepford wives everywhere. Had a cool working town flavor that is now virtually gone (The Little Campus was replaced by a fucking Irish Bar). Speaking of fucking Irish bars, every vomit reaked doorfront that charges $6 a Harp and thinks it is above Natty Bo calls itself an Irish Bar. They put O' or Mc or OAK in their name and get every 1/32 Irish blood and up motherfucker to pat themselves on the back for coming from someplace else. It is so obnoxious even Bostonians say "dude, too much". Full of fat fucking tourist who fill up the sidewalk as they ooh and aah at the overpriced cheesy nautical shit in the windows or stare at the Laura Ashley window that they could stare at back home. The food is 2/3 shitty as most involves $8 hamburgers, greasy crabcackes with non-Maryland crabmeat, and spoiled shellfish. Used to be cool but now full of pricks with lots of money but no class.
Did you hear, Annapolis just plowed under their last green space to put in a housing tract of McMansions. It is going to be called "Annapolis Greens"
by ThunderMummy October 27, 2005
43 163
boring historic town, home to the USNA and St. Johns College. (Girls should be warned that middies are usually self-centered, deprived young men who should be avoided.) Not much nightlife (unless you're over 21) cool places to hang until then? the mall, and friend's huge mansions on the water. people who work downtown become unfriendly as the weather warms up due to the lack of parking and added foot traffic blocking the intersection. After the bars close most people hop on over to Mangia's for a late snack (open till they run outta pizza, which is usually around 2:30) after midnight however the price goes up to $3 for a slice of cheese and $3.50 for pepperoni. Housing is also very expensive, because most of it is on the water. A 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom one story house on the water? 1.2 million. Basically, Annapolis is a VERY expensive city, everything costs more when it's in a historic setting. **please note that the boat show traffic is an example of the worst traffic in history, it takes 45 mins to get from the marriott to the docks (2 blocks)
"Empty your bank account! We're going to Annapolis!"
by Rainey April 10, 2005
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Canoe U. A place where college kids think they can become Naval Officers.
You're a ring knocker from Annapolis? What the hell did they teach you at Canoe U.?
by LTJG-G-G-G-Unit! January 11, 2005
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