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Perhaps the classiest of preppy hometowns. Big homes with rolling lawns, or even better, no lawn in the historic district, are arguably the most coveted properties on the east coast. Kids are raised with a crab net in one hand and a lax stick in the other. Best of all, only the insiders know about Annapolis and it's prestige can only be realized through the insider's reaction. If a kid reveals he's from annapolis, check your friends' reactions. Someone is bound to know just how priveledged he is. And if you dont, well maybe you should. But we don't like to brag, thats not how its done in the south.
frat boy #1: who's that girl shotgunning beers
frat boy #2: what
frat boy #1: the hot one, in the polo
frat boy #2: oh some laxer, I heard she's from Annapolis.
frat boy #1: Damn.
by so-frat May 26, 2005

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