amazing. if you want a smoke ride when youre in annapolis, you go to davidsonville or bay ridge. if youre into the booze, well youre going to robinwood or probably your parents who love to buy you and your friends alcohol. if its up the nostril, you know plenty of kids from st marys who will oblige. always shroom in quiet waters park. always go to crown for the freshest blunts. two dollars says you drive an explorer or a jeep cherokee. lax RULES, even if you quit in high school. lowrys gas sales on sunday and wednesday. you play the lottery for beer money but when you lose youre like FUCK mom can i have 20$? its life.
braaaa.....lets go to robinwood to get some cheap vodka...
no man, lets just go to severna park to steal some of theirs
oh yea, good call. is (whoever) from st marys gonna be there? i want to blow. are we still in annapolis?
yea man, lets go to the atm so you can take out money.
na, we can just go home and get some cash from my mom.
oh good call. we can get some free dinner too. AWESOME!!!
by John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith October 29, 2005
it's actually the capital of maryland but, most people don't believe you when you tell them that. nothing really ever happens here but tourists flock to this tiny town every summer. if you like popped collars, sail boats, and catholic school this is the city for you. if not, you're not missing anything by not being here.
guy a: "i'm from the capital of maryland."
guy b: "oh cool, i've always wanted to go to balitmore."
guy a: "oh, actually annapolis is the capital but it's oka..."
guy b: "NO WAY."
guy a: *face palm*
by kumaka January 19, 2011
Annapolis is like nowhere else on earth. We probably have one of the highest concenrtrations of individual wealth in such a small area. The wealthy and elite dominate this place. We live in Murray Hill and Sherwood. We drive bmws, audi, mercedes, and range rovers to be modest. Bored housewives wear million dollar insured jewlery with sweatpants and chanel purses. Kids go to private schools, of which everyone knows St. Marys is the best. Money comes through business and inheritance. Kids wear lacoste polos and sweatpants with 3,000 dollar david yurman jewlery. In order to appreciate the shocking power and elitism of this city, you can only do it by hearing about it. Although not widely known, our influence is far reaching. Were not racist, we just hate clay street and people who put ghetto housing on the water. Were just the best city in the world.
OMG they just donate 8 million dollars to St. Marys. What? Oh thats right youre not from Annapolis, you wouldnt understand.
by naptownyo April 17, 2010
"A drinking town with a sailing problem."
Home of The United States Naval Academy, AKA hot mids. We wear flip-flops year-round, and khakis and a nice shirt is considered "dressed up." Everything is laid-back and casual, rednecks aren't welcome, and we eat everything with Old Bay. We love to make fun of Plebes and tourists. Everyone knows that the movie "Annapolis" was totally fake. Broadneck can kick Severna Park's ass any day. Beer pong is a must. If you don't play lax in middle and high school, you might as well turn around and go back to wherever you came from. I bet you half your school will get early dismissal when the Blue Angels fly. You are nobody if the guy at Bay 50 doesn't know your name. We love O'Laughlin's and Starbucks. The mall is our second home. You can find most of the town at Battle Of The Bands. First Night is a MUST.
We dress like preps, jocks, or gangsters, but usually a combination of all three.
We like our guys hot and our beer cold.
I'm from Annapolis; you name it, I'm better at it than you.

Annapolis, AKA Naptown, is in Anne Arundel County. It has a comfortable balance of preps and gangsters. Historic Annapolis has a lovely collection of coveted waterfront properties, as well as a ghetto. Annapolis is within 40 minutes of Baltimore, DC, PG County, and Maryland's Eastern Shore (but who the fuck would ever want to go THERE?).
The Annapolis Mall is gangsterrr, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Most preps reside in Severna Park and are known as "parkies." Everyone from Mago Vista to the Broadneck Peninsula hates them and knows they're stuck up as hell. Severna Park High School is considered to be "the good school." They're snobby about everything...academics, sports, name it! But they really suck!! Severna Park is not in Annapolis! It's in Arnold. But Parkies think they live in Naptown.

Starts where AAC starts (at Sandy Point, when you come over the Bay Bridge) and ends around Mago Vista. A mix of people. Everyone was happy when Melvin was found (2006)! People walk to Graul's in their PJs, and kids in Revell Downs (home!) are always up in the 7/11. Breakneck is the local band. Most Broadneck Peninsula kids go to Severn or Fagothy Middle, then onto Broadneck High. The girls are hot and the guys are chill at Broadneck. It is THE place to be.
PS. Note to all PG County dumbasses who come to Sandy Point to swim: IT IS NOT A BEACH. YOU CAN'T SWIM THERE. Idiots.
PSS. Note to all tourists who keep driving through on College Parkway to get to the toll booths: YOU CAN'T COME THIS WAY. TAKE 50. Retarrrds.

A swarm of hot mids and clueless tourists holding ice cream cones. Downtown Annapolis is amazing ...always sunny and gorgeous during the summer. There is an unlimited supply of coffee shops and ice cream stores. It's fun to go watch random peoples' weddings.
Ghettos include, but are not limited to: RobinWood, Bywater I && II, Clay Street, Presidents Street, and some parts of Browns Woods. The Annapolis High School district has the ghettoest schools in AAC, so be prepared!
PS. Note to tourists: PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS. And fanny packs aren't cool anymore (were they ever?)

Annapolis is amazing.
home of the best people you'll ever meet. if you don't have your boaters license by the time you're 13 you're an outcast. if you haven't dated at least 2 hard core lax bros by the time you're 16 you must be fat and ugly. if you don't skip school on blue angels day you must have just moved hear last week. if you don't know someone you know someone who knows them. if you've never played lax you don't live hear. if Charlie St. Cloud isn't your favorite movie you must be a boy. if you don't enjoy watching mids (male or female) run past your house your a robot.

we live off Bud Light, we're a hell of a lot better than california gurls, and we can out swim Michael Phelps any day.

suck on that baltimorons
Annapolis Girls

St. Mary's girl: hey guys you wanna go shopping downtown?

Broadneck girl: sorry i can't, i gotta go to lax practice.

Key girl: ya me niether. i have to go plant a tree, then watch Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family.

Severn girl: i can't too, i've gotta go watch my boyfriends lax game.

Spalding girl: i'll come! i need to go to the Pink Crab and buy some bright colored polos.
by im hotter than you March 18, 2011
Full of preps, laxers, and Navy football fans. If you don't have at least one Navy clothing item then I don't know what the hell your doing here. If there's a a Navy game you better plan on walking wherever you want to go because traffic's a bitch. Tailgating starts early in the morning before the game and ends days later. The Schools in Annapolis are St. Mary's and Annapolis High. St. Mary's kids think they're the shit and are so much better because they go to private school and get a better education when we all know that's BS and Annapolis High students are way more nice and chill. Also, an Annapolis High student in IB who is a Sophomore is equivelant to a St. Mary's Junior and we are STILL in higher level math class so St. Mary's can suck it. Oh, and we have better Homecoming dances and you know it.
Lax is the sport and if you haven't at least tried it then leave. A lax bro wears high socks with Nikes or Sperry Top Siders and bright colored pants with some sort of lax T-shirt or jersey. Most have what is known to laxers as "flow". These guys also tend to be super hot and total dicks. Your lucky if you find a good one but hey, they're out there. So overall, The girls are hot and the guys are too so don't be shy and lets chill. This is what we do. Chill all day and lax a bit. We're one big party town that lives on the water. "Crabcakes and Football" may be what Maryland does but Navy and Lax is what Annapolis does. Plus the sailing and crabs, of course.
Guy 1: Hey yo let's chill and lax a bit tomorrow.
Guy 2: Yeah bro, i can't wait 'till fall ball.
Guy 1: Man Annapolis is so great.
by Annapolis<33 October 25, 2009
Annapolis is a dieing city. Those of you from here may know that is do to excessive building and overpopulation. Annapolis at one time was the capital of the united states where Washington stepped dowm from the army. You have the NAval Acdamy ,St. Johns College ,various ice cream places, alleys without names, and more sailing schools in one city then the rest of the country. Well if u wanna see the old annapolis come now while its still there.
Annapolis is the capital: seriously baltimores not the capital.
home of the lunchin bench
last nite we hung out downtown annapolis and sat on the lunchin bench
by crew April 11, 2005
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