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An amazing bitch who is always there for you when you need them. The coolest there is. This person is a good kid.
DAYUM, man you are such an Anmol, I LOVE YOU.
by RustyRivers July 10, 2008
A real man
loves girls
loves alcohol
loves to party
food is his life
money is no problem
he is the greatest there is
and hes a babe
that guy gets so much pussy, he must be an anmol just look at him!
by chigga rigah October 09, 2011
(verb) to completely forget what's going on in the middle of its happening; or to completely forget something you promised or were required to do
- yo, where am i
- shhhhh! were taking a test
- whoa i just anmoled lol
by getyourhyneshere March 01, 2011
Anmol (pronounced: /un-mole/) is a common name given to Hindu/Sikh males. However, it can be used by/in any religion.

The meaning of Anmol is: Priceless

priceless invaluable
Oh, your name is Anmol? That's quite rad.

priceless invaluable
by forgodssake May 30, 2016
omg the guy plays guitah so gwud!!
hi anmol!!
by ******* August 29, 2008
a really jealous person; someone who is annoying; someone who should mind their own business; someone who is nearly pyschotic
You are such an anmol, stay out of my shit.
by hotstylez204 March 02, 2006
A person who bails on their friends all the time. This person is a true sulah. He's always chewsing Lund, like mad Lund.
Man your such an anmol, you Sulah
by Derek McSamson June 11, 2008
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