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When someone wears trousers that are too short so the bottoms of them end up spanking your ankles when you walk.
Dave: Oi look at his trousers they're too small for him
Jim: I know right he's got some right ankle spankers!
by r33dybo1 September 21, 2012
2 3
An extremely long penis that often collides with the ankles. Often too long for sexual pleasure. Mainly used as a large fleshy whip for those who like it rough.
Ow! You're not stepping on my toes. That's my ankle spanker!
by anonymous November 01, 2003
79 24
A man who owns a very large penis.
Or has very short legs and an average sized penis
Mini-me is the owner of an ankle spanker!
by Johnboy January 03, 2005
31 6
An ankle spanker is a huge penis that, when hard, could possibly rip open a horse. Often steped on by the owners friends.
Brittney!! Get off my ankle spanker!
by Linda December 26, 2004
21 7
a huge huge it spanks ur ankle
wow ur hung like a mule, u have an ankle spanker
by rodney May 07, 2003
7 12
a dick,sausage,p-dog,talliwacker,purple helmet orior
thats a big ankle spanker you got there.
by tiffany cordes March 25, 2003
9 16