(v.) to over-hype something; to exaggerate excessively

(n.) a brown, round-shaped form, commonly found making appearances in the TV show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

(adj.) lame, homo-sexual, annoying, out of context
person A: "hey dude, did you go to that party?"

person B: "yea man, it was soooo sick! there were like 10 kegs, 5 strippers, a donkey, and jerry garcia! man, i was soooo wasted, i blacked out and hooked up with this totally hot chick!"

person A: "dude, that party was totally dead. why do you you gotta ANISH it?"

"were you watchin adult swim last night? man, ANISH was hilarious when he pissed off frylock and turned himself into a bowling ball to get away."

"man, that party was sooo ANISH."
"broke-back mountain was really ANISH."
"i've got this mosquito bit on my ass and it starting to get ANISH."
"stfu Donny, you're ANISH."
#meatball #gupta #derka-derka-jihad-muhammed #wikiledia #butt-secks
by B.P. Runkle December 02, 2009
Top Definition
Doesn't Take shit, will kick the shit out of you.
1. Don't mess with him, he's Anish.
2. He looks like he'd be like Anish.
3. You never touch an Anish or you'll get bashed.
#anish #don't #doesn't #kick #touch
by Urban Dictionary Advisors October 27, 2009
a sweet guy; a lover to a sweet gal; boyfriend of a very nice,sweet sexy gal
her boyfriend is anish
#lover #boyfriend #partner #love #hater
by stranger2347 October 21, 2009
1. adj. - describing something as sick or insane.

2. n. - something that is sick,insane,nasty, or delicious. Possibly all at the same time.
1. Dang, that car is mad anish.

2. Wow man, where'd you get that anish? I need one of those.
#nasty #delicious #sick #insane #crazy
by anishhh July 26, 2006
a metrosexual goat being that has a machine gun for a penis, which it uses to protect the American people
Anish fucking kicked me in the head with his new $7,000,000 shoes, but I'm too scared to attack him, what if he shoots me with his dick?
#metrosexual #goat #aneesh #yeezy #hero
by Sexy Indian Kid December 24, 2012
1.the reincarnation of che guevara
2. to hump energeticlly

1.dam is that anish on that che t-shirt?
2.god he is humping like anish
#che guevara #t-shirts #hump #humping #birkenhead school
by j.clark September 28, 2006
Fat, Lonely, Retard that looks like a nerd who smells like hair oil and curry. Isn't athletic and tries to act cool. has no friends and has to everyone of his comebacks approved by his mom. Also steals his little brother's clothes but his little brother bullies him all the time!
1)Your such an Anish! You have no friends.
2)Dude, You're So Obese, Stop Being An Anish!
3)Golf, Chess, and Ping-Pong are so Anish Like Sports!
#loser #loner #no friends #smells like curry #balls #girl like #weiner
by HarpyFart October 21, 2014
a type of skin tone, a dark brown. usually of the indian race. anish is also an indian name.
"Hey look! He has such an anish skin tone!"
#small dick #hairy #nerd #ugly #fat #lard
by Margina August 18, 2009
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