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a teenage girl who has an uncontrolable obsession with Justin Bieber. She may also claim that she has "bieber fever".
Girl 1: Are you ok?

Girl 2: Ive just got bieber fever cause i cant breath the same air as him

Girl 1: pffft, your such an anika!
by taylah + steph +emzy October 02, 2013
3 12
A gorgeous girl who happens to be my best friend. All the guys love her, even the ugly ones.
Alex: "Hey, Anika, that guy thinks you're hot."
Maggie: "Ew, he's ugly."
by Meglit December 22, 2007
572 196
meaning gorgeous or beautful
something richer and beter than life itself.
omg that sunset on the beach wasss sooooooooo anika.
by LimTim May 07, 2008
484 136
A beautiful young girl, someone who is loving, funny, and amazing... Anika's usually like animals with two toes.
Very trustworthy... You can always have a good time with an Anika.

Nolan: Hey... isnt it fun hanging out with anika!

Ciena: Why ofcourse Nol...Anikas are the best
by deadsquirrel43verrr March 23, 2009
351 134
The swedish name for Light
A good name
'That girl Anika is lovely'
by Clement09 May 08, 2009
265 57
Ah-ne-kah; Ah-ni-kah

(African-Hausa) sweetness of face; (Hebrew) gracious.
1. Boy: 'Wow... your face... it's Anika.'

Girl: 'Uhm, I'm Jane?!'

Boy: 'Trust me... you're face is Anika.'

2. 'You move so Anika like.'
by ferret43 March 12, 2010
264 105
This girl is the sexiest you'll ever see. A girl beautiful, smart, funny and kind. She is generous and only thinks of others. Girls like these are very rare. She is like a goddess. She is a sensitive girl who can be very caring when it comes to loving someone. Once you fall for Anika, there is a part of her in you forever. The one girl you can trust with your life.

Referring to Anika is like referring to perfect.
James: I wish my gf was morel like an Anika..

Ben: I wish Anika WAS my gf.
by missing youu November 27, 2011
145 37
The most beautiful girl I have ever layed eyes on.
Anika is the reason I wake up.
by cfz83196 September 12, 2011
145 43