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This girl is a very intelligent person. She's hot but very conservative. Every person would like an Anica because of her great personality.
Boy 1: She's so Anica.
Boy 2: How come?
Boy 1: Look she's got lots of people surrounding her.
by icaera March 20, 2009
Anica is the definition of perfect. She's a beautiful girl with an outstanding personality that everyone loves! She likes complimenting people, but won't accept compliments from others.. Everyone loves Anica!
Person 1 - Oh My God, that person is so perfect!
Person 2 - Just like Anica!
by Oreo Smith December 06, 2012
A bossy old hag of a mother-in-law
Anica comes to your house to clean as she thinks that you do not do a good enough job. While she is there she also re-arranges things as well
by Hero of the world September 18, 2011