The nickname for Darth Vader before he became Darth Vader!
It's funny, that all the way until he became 'evil' his nickname was Ani. He doesn't really like being called this, it makes him sound 'like a little boy'.
Padme: Ani?

Anakin: ANAKIN! Ani makes me sound like a little boy.
by Jedi Master Luna January 31, 2006
Top Definition
Referring to multiple anuses, typically used as in the place of asses
Bro 1: How much ani have you been getting lately?
Bro 2: Plenty.
by penis in the anoos October 09, 2011
Plural form of the word 'Anus'
"we shall all enjoy the ANI with our DILDAIC toys."
by Handy Jesus May 03, 2005
The grouping word for Anus.

for example a pride of lions etc.

As i look around me today, i see nothing but a pack of Ani
by Raistlin_ May 08, 2007
The plural form of the word anus.
One who has multiple anuses posseses ani.
by rickypacific March 15, 2011
plural for anus, since anuses just sounds silly
Kristin has a thing for white-boy ani.
by Kristin April 07, 2005
A plurality of anuses.
Between us there are two ani.
by Nepalno Malloy February 15, 2005
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