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The grouping word for Anus.

for example a pride of lions etc.

As i look around me today, i see nothing but a pack of Ani
by Raistlin_ May 08, 2007
One of those rare insults, that can and will no matter how you say it, have a very harsh inflection on the word HORSE. try it now say in angry voice " Go fuck a horse "
and horse comes out like you mean it. now say it in a happy voice. Same inflection.

Due to all this awesomeness of the phrase "Go Fuck A Horse " it is considered in part, as the second best inflective insult, after PRICK.
bah, i told Big Larry to Go Fuck A Horse in my joking voice and he beat the shit out of me
by Raistlin_ November 03, 2009
either after having sex, or a wank, or just naturally, you take a piss and have wads of cum shoot out the nozzle.
'eww, who left pisswads in the dunny?'
by Raistlin_ April 08, 2007
1) a person who performs sex by placing ones penis
between the female breasts in an effort
to be manually climaxxed by friction.
2) absofuckinglutely pointless and very non-sexy
3) a fucking moron
1) bill likes to fuck pams tits.
2) she asked me if i wanted to tit fuck her, so i said no, i wanna stuff it up your ass.
3) Dan is a tit fucker
by Raistlin_ January 02, 2007
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