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Shes the smartest person you may know. Shes sexy, crazy,loving, and a willing person
person 2: whooo....?!?!?
person 1: Anhtu :)
by ohshitITSthatBITCH November 23, 2012
1. Noun A Common Vietnamese Name for both Male and Female.

2. Noun A Person who is usually shy at first, the quiet type, but will be the most fun and craziest person you would ever meet. A person with this name is usually Intelligent, Wise, Hilarious, a little bit racist, and is not afraid to speak about what they believe in, sometimes leading to a egotistic jerk. Although care much about the people close to them.
1. This guy is Hilarious, who is he? I Think He's Anh-Tu.

2. Anh-Tu Is such a Jerk.
by Deafult001 November 25, 2012

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