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A (used) condom found inside of female’s birth canal by a sexual partner other than that whom misplaced/discarded it.
M1: Dude, when was the last time you slept with that trick Cindy?

M2: Four days ago, why?

M1: Because last night I was fingering her at the bleachers and I fished a plump Angry Squid out of her cavernous pussy!

M2: Oh.
by EOD Prof January 25, 2009
When a man gives a woman a facial and gets semen in her eye(s), causing her to become enraged and to flail about. This is done in a similar fashion to the mating of Giant Squids.
"Oh man, she turned into an Angry Squid, last night, after I blew my load in her face."
by Blingg June 07, 2013

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