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1. Originally heard on 101.1 WRIF in Detroit on the Drew & Mike morning show circa 1998-99 said by Mike Clark. Used in the reference to an inflamed, swollen, or sore rectum.

2. The act of sticking ones thumb up their own or a lucky recipients anus and then groping with the same hand towards the genitalia.
1.Oh my god my roids are flaring up, I have one angry spider!

2.She was a freak, she bruised my bag when she gave me the ol' angry spider!
by joepappy75 December 10, 2009
A use of a hand for sexual gratification. To properly give an angry spider one must either recieve a partners or his/her own thumb up thier rectum, and use the other four fingers to scratch or paw at the genitals in a manner that the fingers move in a manner that resembles an angry spider.
I got stood up last night, so to get off, I just gave myself an angry spider.
by Test Subject and inventor January 17, 2006
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