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A homosexual female who views her sexual orientation with such a distorted level of importance that it defines every aspect of her identity. Such females exist in a perpetual state of smug superiority and rage in order to defend that sexuality from all threats real and imagined. Such females also usually inflict far more intolerance and bigotry onto others than they actually experience.
Rosie O'Donnell became so unpleasant and tiresome after becoming an Angry Lesbian.
#feminazi #bulldyke #big angry dyke syndrome #lesbian #bigot
by LingoDingo April 02, 2011
What remains when a lesbian's lover suddenly jumps the fence over into having, or wanting to have, sex with men.
Judy: "Hi, Donna. I haven't seen Sara and Kat out lately. What's the scoop?"

Donna: "Sara discovered during her lesbianage of Kat that she had jumped the fence and has been seeing a man on the side. Some say they watched Sara build a bonfire in her front yard containing most of Kat's things. The fire department had to be called out to get the fire under control."

Pat: "Yes, Sara is definitely the Angry Lesbian now."

#angry lesbian #lesbian jumps the fence #lesbian lover jumps the fence #pissed-off lesbian #bonfire building lesbian #lesbian on fire
by passionwink January 25, 2008
an angry lesbian is a lesbian who is angry all the time, she will have moodswings and turn on you reguardless who you are, they can also be a bit {fat}...........STAY AWAY
there is a mean dyke who lives around the corner, i think she is an angry lesbian.
#lesbian #angry #fat #dyke #moodswings
by trinity kin kee October 03, 2006
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