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Angry sex with your best friends mum against a gate post in the moonlight whilst your best friend sleeps making a "kaaaaaaaa" noise and waking up most of the neighbourhood and then Harry Potter shows up and joins in. Once finished it ends in a "thhhhhh". The angry part comes in when once penetrated, the mother is then left on the gatepost with splinters.
Guy one: "Oh, your mum is so nice."
Bestfriend: "Don't you dare"
-Later on that day-
*bang* *bang* *bang*
Mum: "AARRRGGG. "kaaaa"
HP: "Yes, yes. OH MY WAND!"
Mum: "thhhhh"
*Guy walks away*
Mum: "My ass hurts. I'm in such an Angry Kath scenario right now."
by user7794 January 25, 2011
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