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A term coined by the writers of to describe the Angry Men who inhabit the Internet and become angry about things such as video game patches, color palettes, and people who do not like the video game which they like.
Angry Internet Men burned down Blizzard headquarters after a World of Warcraft patch reduced the +2 Magic Missile to a +1 Magic Missile.
by Sonobovich October 09, 2008
Internet users who rant and rage about petty facts. Phrase coined by the folks at Rock Paper Shotgun.
"Diablo 3 looks like freaking World of Warcraft! I would rather choke than play it!" - Angry Internet Men

"What, Spore has a restrictive DRM system?!? I must write furious blog entries and comments about it and give the game 1 star in Amazon though I haven't even bought or tried playing it yet!!" - Angry Internet Men
by sanastro September 09, 2008
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