When on a trip with your buddy, shave your balls and leave the razor by the sink for your buddy to shave his face. When you tell him the next day you shaved your balls with the razor which he used to shave his face, he will start acting like an angry fish having realized your sweaty balls were all over his face.
1. "My boy said he was gonna kill me if I ever try to tea-bag him when he's blackout drunk so I settled for giving him the angry fish."

2. "After realizing he tasted my balls, Trevor started acting like an angry fish."

3. "I didn't wanna waste my ball pubes, so I figured I'll give my buddy the angry fish so he grows some respect."

4. "Even at age 39, Mike couldn't grow much facial hair, so I figured I'll add to it the next time he shaves by giving him the angry fish."
by Dr. Amadeus October 09, 2007
Top Definition
When a guy is eating a girl and she has a full body orgasm, her legs slam shut on his face. Pushing his face to look like a fish.
Guy1: "Dude she gave me an angry fish."
Guy2: "Awesome"
by JuSak January 20, 2012
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