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basically a much better version of the word angry, and awesome sounding
1) You are getting me so angrified!
2) Man, I wish that the world wasn't so angrified all the time.
by sacrilicious December 20, 2003
A general state of perpetual rage with no particular focus or cause.

People that are angrified are always on the edge of an obscenity laced tirade or physical violence.

Essentially, for antonym for stoic.
The course of Bill's life left him angrified.
by lastballfan May 25, 2010
the state of being too angry for any other word
he was so angrified that he couldn't talk angry
by sparkling cider July 22, 2008
A cross between angry and horrified.
I was angrified as I watched Bush get re-elected in 2004. I lost all hope in the American people for re-electing such a douchenozzle.
by jwalker720 August 24, 2010
pretty much a synonym to angry but moreso
I'm angrified that my friend called me at 4:30 a.m.
by Claudia A. May 26, 2008
To make someone angry.
When that bitch called me a hoe and got me angrified!!
by Autumn August 16, 2004
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