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6 definitions by sacrilicious

this is, i think, an actual definition for all of you politcophiles out there. A 2nd world country is a communist country. Thought this was interesting when i heard it cause it seems all we ever here about is 1st world and 3rd world countries.
Cuba is a 2nd world country
by sacrilicious December 20, 2003
26 17
basically a much better version of the word angry, and awesome sounding
1) You are getting me so angrified!
2) Man, I wish that the world wasn't so angrified all the time.
by sacrilicious December 20, 2003
20 11
007 style killer... unbeatable
see sof2
by Sacrilicious September 13, 2003
0 0
a person attending school for the primary reason of not learning
Teacher: I wish you werent such a schooler
Student: Meh, what can u do?
by sacrilicious December 20, 2003
5 7
by far, the coolest CS character in the world. Also, going to become the coolest, most seductive, and awesome super hero on the face of the earth; well in the case, EVER!!!
the man in the red hat is flying over Gotham, when suddenly he picks up a girl off the street, and she is so incredibly attracted to him that they immediately start fucking in midair. He is a stunning man...
by sacrilicious December 28, 2003
4 9
non-living, non-physial, nonexistant.
No one should believe in something when it is nonexistant
by sacrilicious December 20, 2003
142 150