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1. A belief or doctrine that one's own country or nationality is superior to England and the English people and because of that one has the right to rule over English people.

2. A policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such an anti-English doctrine; discrimination against the English.

3. Hatred, predjudism or intolerance of England and the English people.
Angloism can be seen easily in analogies about sport and racism.

A - "There's a group of sports fans over the road"
B - "Are they English?"
A - "Yes"
B - "oh, all racist thugs no doubt"

This is angloism. Person 'B' holds predjudice about English people based purely on ignorance and hatred.
#racism #anti-english #anglism #angloist #hate-crime #hatred
by United Against Angloism October 20, 2009
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