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Someone, generally an old (50+) unattractive male, who cruises around young people in their ultra expensive sports car in order to lure them in for a bite, just as the real angler fish entices fish with a tempting worm-like appendage.
"Wow, that guy is a total anglerfish. Look at him trying to impress those young girls with his Ferrari!"
by Sinistrad May 25, 2008
A girl whose MySpace pictures are taken at weird angles (usually black and white) to hide her fatness and/or ugliness. This method is used to attract men just as the actual Anglerfish (Lophiiformes) uses bioluminescence to attract prey.
That girl on MySpace looked hot in her pictures but when I met her in person she had tusks. She's one hell of an Anglerfish. With looks like that she's probably a mudshark too.
by Roger Klotz November 25, 2007