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The energy that arises out of anger.
After a frustrating phone call, I needed to take a walk before returning to work in order to release some of the angergy that had built up.
by Coriander August 03, 2010
4 1
Stockpile of long-lasting energy that is used exclusively for rage in order for the body not to run out of juice during an epic rage situation. To be expended on true and warranted rage only, any other use is considered fraud, waste, and abuse.
You: My ex is stalking me. It's making me sooooo mad!!!

Me: Don't waste your angergy on that! Save it for for when I tell you that I still didn't do the laundry.

You: RAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Me: See! What would you have done without angergy at the right time?
by BehemothHunter March 16, 2011
2 2