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An extreme explosion of anger, usually caused in the form of bitching or whining.
Man I slapped that ho an she had an angergasm on my ass. So I had to slap her again
by D Williams & K Russell April 28, 2004
Pained, orgasm-like sounds, stemming from a bout of anger.
It's difficult to give an example of something that's sound-based, but I'd have to liken it to someone being forcibly anal raped, only they're just very unhappy about something.

"UGH!" "OH GOD!" "ARGH!" "FUUUUUCK!" and "FUCK ME!!" are all possible examples of an angergasm.
by Suck It Wilde August 19, 2009
Having an orgasm caused by anger.
Angry sex. Need I say more?

Also caused by masturbation to thoughts of something that pisses you off...

T: I had the best angergasm last night!!!
H: Don't you mean orgasm?
T: No, me and my boyfriend were having sex and he called me by the wrong name!
by J.D.K. February 29, 2008
#1-When your so angry that you start hallucinating, moaning, and foaming at the mouth

#2- an orgasm during VERY ROUGH SEX
Dude, Amy got so mad last night, she had an Angergasm
by Molag'sservent4E July 24, 2014