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Masturbation out of spite; to inflict emotional turmoil on another person.
"She hated it when I watched porn. After we broke up all I could do was angerbate."
by ianjy May 19, 2009
The act of masturbating with no respect for your genitalia.

perhaps by...

Male: Jerking off until your dick bleeds then slamming your balls in a door.

Female: A 40 grit sandpaper dildo.
"I havn't got laid in so long I don't think I'll ever get laid again... I'm gonna go home and Angerbate!"
by dexredhead April 03, 2009
to masturbate while really mad
to jerk off when pissed off
i angerbate when i get spammed in mortal kombat

"Dude where'd you go last night"

"i left to go angerbate, that one kid was pissing me off"
by fuzzywuzzy686 September 03, 2011

1. self-gratification taking place while enraged.

2. to punch yourself in the genitals for sexual gratification
"man, that boxxy bitch makes me rage but i secretly angerbate to her"

by Hannibal Stagger January 29, 2009