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Character in the story 'Golden Waters'. Angelou is a spirit with immense power that many people long to possess.

Angelou befriends the younger brother of the main character, Elleen. For a long time all characters believe that Angelou is nothing more than the young boy's imaginary friend until they learn the truth. Elleen then races against time to save her younger brother before Angelou takes him away to the spirit realm.
"Angelou, give me back Zephyr! Give me back my brother!" yelled Elleen.

"No," Angelou replied sternly. "Zephyr is mine. He does not want to be with me for my power, he just wants to be my friend. I'm never going to let him go."

- Elleen faces off against Angelou.
by Shinjato June 10, 2005
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