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The history of the word comes from the south eastern coast of Virginia during the pilgramage of 1776.

The word Angal derives from the shoeless dance that the settlers would do to entrance the Native Aborigines into giving away their land, children, and resources(firewood, buffalo, women,; etc).

Modern researchers have looked closely into some instances included the collecting of the native's souls and contain them into their bottled alcohols which is where the term "SPIRITS" comes from. This elixir was believed to be the cure to such sicknesses as the common cold to the Black Plague.

However, modern tests have proved that this myth is simply a hoax, and sent fruit baskets to the relatives of the Indians.

This act can be performed on any individual as long as the dance is profound enough to trick them into giving something; It could be anywhere between a used candle and a lizards tail
All the women in my chess club gave me coupons to 'Pet Supplies Plus' after I Angaled them for fourteen seconds each.
by MichaelWorstba November 10, 2011
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