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The talented singer and songwriter of the St. Louis rock band Ludo. He has a very crazy personality, as shown through his songs and videos. It would also seem that he likes making igloos.
He and his band deserve more attention, for they truly are one of the best new(ish) bands I have heard lately.
Andrew Volpe is cute too, in a glasses and huge goofy grin kind of way.
by Sarza August 13, 2008
In the band Ludo. Has an incredible voice. Pro at guitar. Will take over the world someday, but everyone will love him because he will be a friendly dictator.
Were you at warped tour '08? Andrew Volpe and his band stole the show
by dl;skfg September 05, 2008
Super talented and super nice lead singer of the up-beat geek-rock band, Ludo.
"If Ludo didn't open for Relient K last night, I think I would have blown my brains out at that show!"

"For sure, Andrew Volpe made that show!"
by shanzormasteroftheuniverse November 26, 2009
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