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Chris Tucker's (Smokey's) catchphrase used occasionally in 1995 Comedy-Drama movie 'Friday' starring alongside rapper, actor and film director Ice cube (Craig)
Smokey (Chris Tucker) on the phone to Big Worm (Faizon Love):

"Well, yeah. I got your money anyway,and you sell that shit yourself next time cause I'm going to rehab. I'm through with this shit."


Smokey (Chris Tucker) Rolls up some weed and starts to smoke and says to the camera:

"I was just bullshittin', And you know this man!"
by ???Anon??? December 04, 2007

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The definite truth when speaking or talking
"...and you know this man" as BoogieWonder high fived his partner in da club
by Getrich83 December 13, 2003