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1. A statement used to cause delay and panic in nearby listeners. 2. A canned phrase to cause instant awkwardness to all in the immediate conversation.

Note: Can be interchanged with phrases such as that's what she said, and doesn't always have to be used with "and" at the front.
Person 1: "Hey, so I saw one of those AWESOME green saint patty's day wigs today at the store and tried it on. Did I say that it was awesome yet?!?"

Person 2: "...That's how I got lice."


Person 1: *walks into conversation by Person 2 and 3*

Person 2: "...And that's when she went all buck wild on me. Her hair was EVERYWHERE!"

Person 3: "That's pretty awesome!"

Person 1: "And that's how I got lice..."
by Sillick March 02, 2011

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