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A reference to decorating one's anal ring with gems. The gay man's equivalt to the Vajazzle.
your anazzle gem's stuck in my teeth
by yer maw's bird July 11, 2011
An anal vajazzle, hiring a professional to cover your asshole in diamonds and glitter, this is preferred to a ring as a birthday gift for gay men and such. This can be done in any back street sex shop for a reasonable price if you were wondering.
Tim..hey Mike, how's you're sex life been?
Mike..Kinda poor since my wife died, why? hows yours?
Tim..Awesome! My wife had an anazzle last week, it hasn't been this good since we met at that house party back in '05.
Mike..OMG! Chastity love, my fortnightly prostotute will have to get one of those for me!
Tim..Do it man, They're well worth the money you pay for one!
by analguy1212 December 20, 2012
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