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a way of life in which there is no supposed "form of government," has become popular by followers of the punk pop culture beause they (a) do not understand what it is, (b) think it is a sign for avril lavigne, or (c)know what it is, but don't realize that it will never work

it is completely impossible for there to be no form of government, human nature forces us to look to authority figures for guidance, and also when some fucker comes and steals from you, your gonna want said fucker to pay for it, getting together a group to go after him, said group will become a tribe, and such will happen all over the world

the punk posers who say they support anarchy and are aggainst the "corporations" do not realize that their beloved hot topic is a corporation, so is the anarchy brand name, the anarchy brand is truly smart, they realize the stupid shit for brain skaters have no idea what the fuck anarchy really is and will buy whatever is "in"

anarchy is a good idea, in theory, SUPPOSING every single person was willing to work and share the fruits of their labor with the rest of the world, sure, it could happen, but there will always be people who say, fuck no, you give me some of that "whatever they made" and ill give you what you want, causing people to eventually revert to a system of money, going against everything true "anarchists" stand for

oh, and the a with the o around it is the anarchy symbol, not the avril sign
punk fucker: dude, lets go skate, and then buy some anarchy shit from hot topic
me: do you even know what anarchy is?
punk fucker: yeah dude, GO AVRIL
by ash May 23, 2004
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1. Apparently an ideology Urban Dictionary has deemed to be appropriate to capitalize upon, by marketing "mugs, tshirts and magnets".
"buy anarchy mugs, tshirts and magnets".
by S(A)VExcore April 05, 2010
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Anarchism is possibly the most misunderstood political philosophy ever.

Anarchy can work, and HAS worked, but right now probably wouldn't work with the state the world is in right now (drugs, gangs, civil wars, etc.)

Anarchy is not chaos, as laws are uneccessary anyway, even when there is a government to enforce them. As Ammon Hennacy said, "Oh, judge, your damn laws, the good people don't need them and the bad people don't follow them, so what good are they?" Like I said before, if anarchy were to happen right now chaos would probably ensue, but this largely due to how fucked up our governments have let the world become.

Government is an unneccessary evil. The idea that people should be bound by agreements their ancestors made is absurd. I believe I am better fit to run my own life that George Bush is.

If you ever see anny dumbass in an anarchy shirt from hot topic, scribbling it in textbooks at school, I want you to ask them to explain anarchy to you. Chances are they have no fucking clue as to what they're talking about and will tell you that they want chaos so that they can blow things up and drink. Punch them in the face for me.

Anarchy would be a very bad idea to try right now. In times like these anarchism is better left as an ideal for people who do get it. It's not something worth arguing about over the internet, because anarchy is not going to happen on a large enough scale to matter in anyone's lifetime who is alive today, and if there was anarchy, there probably wouldn't be an internet for very long ;).
All my teachers want to tell me how bad an idea anarchy would be, when I already know that. They need to tell that to the idiots who listen to sexist and homophobic music such as Insane Clown Posse and wear anarchy shirts they bought from Hot Topic.
by borstalbreakout December 01, 2006
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A state of society where there is no governing body, synomym for chaos. The idea of anarchy is to have an equal power distributed throughout all society, people screw that part up but wanting more than is alotted to them. There is no lack of morality, just that the morality is chosen by the individual, not by the government. Anarchy has been tried in the past, such as in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War, but has never succeeded. Anarchy usually has a negative conotation due to those who follow it and wish it, but is basically what you make it.
That guy is an anarchic! He's cool!

No, I'm afrain he's not, he voted for Bush. While he may have done this to end the world, he's a pussy for voting. He doesn't even know what Anarchy is, damn shame.
by The One You Seek April 10, 2007
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The well-thought-out philosophy of drawing the letter A with a circle around it on traffic signs, getting all your political information from punk rock songs, and moaning about your conformist parents who won't let you go skateboarding until you've done the dishes. They like, totally don't understand you man because they're just cogs in the corporate machine and you're so original and against conformity with your trucker hat, studded belt and ripped girl's jeans. I bet they just believe everything they hear on Fox News. They should listen to more NOFX instead. Fuckin' dad!

Oh yeah, property is theft and as long as there are employers we will never be free. Down with capitalism....and stuff.

Yeah, man. You're deep. Rage on.
Anarchy is the dream of many rich, male, spoiled white kids from the safe, secure suburbs (in other words, the core demograph of punk rock fans).

The Anarchist was dumbfounded when his teacher told him that she wanted more credible sources of information than Dropkick Murphys and Bad Religion lyrics for his term paper explaining what anarchy is.
by Wally Wallies December 26, 2004
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The most misunderstood, misinterpereted form of "government" that promises no person in power over country or city.
Africa does NOT have anarchy you stupid idiots.
by acpartin November 19, 2003
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A plausible social system involving no government, and no hierarchy. Society is a collection of non-hierarchical groups of people voluntarily cooperating. With the internet complex deals between groups could be made more efficient in a short period of time.
Many people say anarchy will never work. But if you think about it if man's nature is inherently corrupt why trust man to rule over man? It would be better to have a society with a general understanding that using force or coercion against somebody who isn't threatening your person is always unjustified. Any struggle to achieve an anarchist society would essentially involve education about how the new society would function, so the goal of creating a society with this common ethical understanding would definitely be achieved if an anarchist struggle ever succeeded. And government is basically the institution that has a general monopoly on force in a given territory. It doesn't hold up to reason that force used in a given circumstance would be right for the government, but wrong for an individual or private group.
by 21stCenturyRebel September 02, 2007
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an = absence
archy = authority
"anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners" -edward abbey
by zounds November 22, 2003
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