According to Hindu mythology, it means a God of Gods. It's a common name for somebody who owns large estates. It's somebody that all the women of the land want to be with.
Chandler: Why I can't I get more women like Joey?
Rachel: Well, Joey is an Ananth and you just have to be happy with yourself when gratifying women.
Chandler: I wish I could have been born as an Ananth because I want to make women scream more in bed like Joey does in the next bedroom.
Rachel: Buck up, dude, if you try really hard, I bet you can become a semi-Ananth.
Chandler (angrily): I don't want to be a semi.
by Pimp90211 November 12, 2011
A complete badass who can get any girl he wants.
Random Guy: Dude did you know Bobby is going out with Ashley?
Another random guy: Well Bobby's an Ananth so its not very surprising.
by ionlytellthetruth October 11, 2013
a person who puts his/her glasses too low because of failure of size or just maybe have no common sense.
hey, look at that guy. his glasses are too big. such an ananth
by DLeeTech November 29, 2010
Ananth is a demigod in classical Korokian mythology. While mostly possessing the appearance of a man, his hair forms wings that allow sustained flight. He was born fully formed and clothed in armor from Korok's head. Later on, he would travel to the end of the Earth in his quest for the coolstone. Ananth is married to the Goddess of Fat Black Beauty with Glasses, Arun. Their romance is the subject of an opera by Richard Wagner, Ananth and Arun.
Oh man my family just got eaten alive by an enraged Ananth! It was the most awesome thing ever!
by footbird January 31, 2010

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