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Ananiya is a very straightforward person and values the truth. On occasion she may experience moments of dopiness but she is an understanding and caring person and usually can put two and two together. She never holds grudges against people and always wishes the very best for them. She is very thankful when people are honest with her and so she'll thank you for your honesty. She'll just wishfor you to be happy and if that means for you to find love, true love then she'll wish you the best. Don't be afraid to tell her the truth because she is very understanding and would never do anything to hold you down. Be a free bird is her philosophy, for life should coexist peacefully and harmoniously with what you truly desire within. Perhaps what you are looking for can't be fulfilled by Ananiya. She's strong but it's proved well for her to protect her heart because she doesn't want it broken again. She's always there as a good friend. Keep smiling for life is too short to live in sadness or fear. Each moment should be lived to the fullest and with no regrets. Only regret regretting. Be well and continue your search. You are the light within yourself and a complete being. The strength you search for is inside and that will guide you.
none needed, ananiya is ananiya
by ananiya June 13, 2010
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