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analaura is a beautiful smart girl. she is extreamly crazy. she laughs alot and very loud. she have a beautifu smile. she is a very good friend, she is very trust worthy, and one of the nicest people that you will ever meet. all the boys love ananlaura. and i expectally love her she is such a good best friend and i couldnt ask for a better one.
BOY: DAUUUUUUMMMMMM that girl is hot!
FRIEND: well no shit she is an analaura
by iloveyouuuuuu2232 October 22, 2013
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a fuckin hoe that thinks she is the shit but in reality she is a fuckinh HORE and is a easy person to fuck.
analaura is such a hoe
by lady triste14 April 27, 2009

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